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The Latin name under the Andromeda constellation is the Triangle, a small constellation with the Turkish Triangle. The name comes from the three brightest stars. If you look at it, even the brightest star is a faint star from the third rank.

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image 522px-Triangulum_IAU.svg_ on https://sattvnews24.com
By IAU and Sky & Telescope magazine (Roger Sinnott & Rick Fienberg) – [1], CC BY 3.0

The Triangulum, known to the Babylonians, passes from here to Ancient Greece; We are on the list of Ptolemy in the 2nd century. The Greeks gave the name Deltoton (Δελτωτόν), not a triangle, because it looked like the delta (Δ) in its alphabet. While Eratosthenes is associated with the Nile Delta, Roman Hyginus likens the triangular island of Sicily. The Romans believed that Ceres, the guardian god of Sicily, begged Jupiter, the chief god, to carry the island to the sky. In the age of classical Islam, the Arabs are likened to divine justice scales.

Although it is a small constellation, it contains the Triangulum (Triangle) galaxy, also called Messier 33, which is an important celestial object. M 33, the third largest galaxy after the Milky Way and Andromeda in the Local Group Goslands. The second closest galaxy to us is the M33, about 2.9 light years away.

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image m33_triangulum on https://sattvnews24.com
Copyright: Thomas V. Davis ( tvdavisastropix.com )

Andromeda ‘is either very close, astronomers have thought it might be one of the M33 Andromeda’s satellite. 
If there is an observer in the Triangle galaxy, then you can see the magnificent view of Andromeda in the sky. In this view our galaxy may witness a few billion years later.

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image m31-mirac-m33-1024x683 on https://sattvnews24.com
On the right is Andromeda which is big, and on the left is the triangular galaxy which looks smaller. The bright star in the center is Mirac.

How is it observed?

If you do not have a lot of light pollution in a night you are observing Andromeda, you can try your chances in the Triangle. You can find the M33 if you go south as far as you can to the Andromeda chateau and the Miracle star in the south. Click here to find out how to find Andromeda .

Although the best observation time is December

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image ucgen-gokadasini-bulma on https://sattvnews24.com

We look over the galactic plane to the Triangular Scholar, whose diameter is greater than 50 thousand light years (half of the Milky Way). The view is pleasant; but it can be difficult to see with telescopes and small binoculars in the sky that light pollution affects because the surface is not very bright. The brightness of 5.8 magnitudes allows for visibility in dark enough places.

Within the boundaries of the triangular constellation, there are several galaxies in the NGC catalog, all of which are darker than the 11th quadrant. The NGC 925 spiral galaxy, 30 million light years, is seen in 12 degree magnitude and extends for 10 arc minutes in the sky .

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image on https://sattvnews24.com
GNC 925. via alchetron.com/NGC-925

The NGC 672 in the spiral class with the bar has a width of 5 arc minutes at visible brightness of 11.6 magnitude. 19 million light years away from us. The following photo (left) looks closer together with the IC 1727 (right), a much weaker galaxy. IC 1727

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image N672_IC1727-1024x683 on https://sattvnews24.com
NGC 678 and IC 1727. Rolling Roof Observatory .

Triangulum constellation and galaxy (M33) - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://sattvnews24.com


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