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The fuzzy red liquid found in Egypt, discovered in the mysterious black sarcophagus with three mummies, was analyzed by scientists.

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The skeletons that had been submerged with red liquid were found in a black granite sarcophagus, which was unearthed in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria last month. C: AFP / Egypt Ministry of Antiquities

The red color liquid, accumulated around the three deteriorated mummies in a 2000-year-old sarcophagus in Alexandria, the historic port city of Egypt, opened up all the frustration of the inexplicable.New Archaeological Discoveries

The terrible image of the three skeletons standing on a turbulent water led to the dissemination of the rumors that this liquid was a “mummy water” with medical and supernatural features, as the indigenous people tried to swell the liquid.

Others were afraid that the odd color of the liquid was pointing to the presence of a mercury-like metal.

The massive black granite sarcophagus was brought to the surface in Sidi Gaber early in the month, and was broken open in spite of its fear of re-awakening an ancient curse.

General Secretary of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr. Mostafa Waziri claimed that the sarcophagus could belong to a nun by denying the rumors that the tomb might contain the remains of Alexander the Great.

However, according to a statement made by the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt, the identification of a possible arrow wreath on one of its skulls means that the bones probably belonged to the army officers.

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It was determined that one of his skulls was hurt by an archaeologist thought to be an arrow. A: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities Source: AAP

Authorities explained that liquid was not “a water with life elixir for mummies” nor “red mercury”, but rather a simpler thing, sewage water.

However, neither worthless or bad smell failed to frighten those who believed that liquid had supernatural powers, and even an online campaign was launched for it.

More than 16,000 signatures were collected at under the title “People are allowed to drink cold reddish liquor”.

Innes McKendrick, who launched the campaign, wrote, “We have to drink like a kind of energy drink in a cursed black sarcasm, so that our forces can pass to us and eventually die.”

The workers found the black granite sarcophagus five meters below the floor during the construction of an apartment building in the historic Mediterranean port city.

Dr. Waziri said the skeletons were partly broken up by the infiltration of sewage water from a nearby building into a small crack on one side of the sarcophagus.

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This spooky online campaign has won more than 16,000 signatures.

This sarcophagus weighs 30 tons, which is the largest sarcophagus in Alexandria so far, caused a series of theories about the fact that it belonged to Alexander the Great, the founder of the city, both in the local and international media.

The legendary Macedonian leader died in 323 BC in Babylon, which is now within the borders of Iraq, but the remains moved to Alexandria later. The exact location of the remains is still preserving the mystery.

Dr. Waziri noted that the remains could not belong to any significant member of the Ptolemaic dynasty (332 BC-30 BC) associated with Alexander the Great or the subsequent Roman period.

The rumors that an ancient curse would revive with the opening of the sarcophagus brought to mind the assertions made in the opening of the underground grave of Tutankhamon in the 1900s.New Archaeological Discoveries

Waziri said, “I have opened the sow and thank goodness that the world has not fallen into darkness. I am the first mine to put my head full of sarcophagi, and here I am standing. I’m fine, “he said, giving a humorous dille explanation to his damn claims.New Archaeological Discoveries

Sarcophagus is the latest in a series of important archaeological finds seized in Egypt this year.

Other finds include a 4,400-year-old grave in Gize and an ancient necropolis discovered in Minya, south of Cairo.

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