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Sounds echoing from the mountains and footsteps coming from the walls are echoes. The echo is the event that the sound wave hits the surface and returns to the audience.

Echo also occurs in space. The only difference: sound, not light. The light hits the dust clouds and forms an echo.

caught one of the cosmic echoes known as “light echoes” in the M82 in the sky, forming an abundance of stars 11.4 million light years away. The film, which was obtained from two years of data, revealed a light envelope that spanned the stars in three years after the star’s supernova burst. The “echoing” light travels like a widening wave over a lake. Universe information The supernova, SN 2014J, was discovered on 21 January 2014.

The starlight creates a slight echo and reaches the Earth at different distances.Some of them reach the Earth directly. The light coming in comes later. In this case, the light travels around the supernova through the gigantic dust cloud that extends from 300 to 1600 light years to the Earth.

Astronomers have already detected 15 light echoes originating from a supernova that is formed outside the Milky Way. Supernova-induced light echoes are rare, long-term observation of the telescope is necessary to solve them.

The Echo Of The Exploding Star Universe information - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://sattvnews24.com


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