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Pompeii and Delos: 2 distinctive anthropology sites and monuments on the UN agency World Heritage list, come back nearer to at least one another through a collaboration that started recently between the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades and therefore the Pompeii anthropology Park. This necessary synergism not solely includes the “voyage” of the jewellery exhibition Vanity: Stories of knickknack within the Cyclades to the town with the harmful finish (as we all know, Pompeii was lined in volcanic matter and ash once Mount Vesuvius erupted in seventy nine AD) however conjointly exchanges of experience as a part of a groundbreaking programme that sees the traditional town holistically.

Pompeii and Delos come closer togetherThe heads of the 2 services, director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades, Dimitris Athanasoulis and director of Pompeii anthropology Park Massimo Osanna talked to the Athens and Macedonian news organisation on all the higher than. At a similar time, the Italian archeologist conjointly spoke regarding the new discoveries at Pompeii that stand out for being well preserved and conjointly for his or her correct documentation that was absent from earlier ones.

“I created my acquaintance with Massimo Osanna through the French college at Athens and its director Alexandre Farnoux. we’ve got a wonderful collaboration owing to our common approach, that is to position stress on the upgrading of archaeologic sites with policies which will attract the best range of visitors” same Mr. Athanasoulis to the AMNA, more explaining: ‟We selected a model of collaboration between 2 regional services; the Pompeii anthropology Park from Italy and therefore the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades from the anthropology Service of Balkan state. it’s the primary time that 2 regional services square measure operating along on all the vary of their activities, i.e. from analysis to promotion, that i believe is extremely interesting”.

Pompeii and Delos come closer together

In this context, it had been determined to transfer a changed version of the “Vanity” exhibition to Pompeii whereas, because the Greek conservator hip the AMNA, the 2 services can conjointly collaborate on the exhibition to be control in Rome on the Cities of Volcanoes, like the 2 most vital cities within the Mediterranean; the Prehistoric Akrotiri of Thera and Roman Pompeii.

As a part of the collaboration, joint groups are created for restoration work on Delos and in Italy, for there to be associate degree exchange of expertise that may be a important reality, points out Mr. Athanasoulis adding “We shall conjointly become involved there with the conservation of a cave with frescoes”.

“Vanity” in Pompeii

For his half, Mr. Osanna spoke to the AMNA regarding the “Vanity” exhibition which is able to be transferred to Pompeii. “The set up is for it to open around Christmas. we have a tendency to square measure operating with Greek colleagues on this exhibition that was control at the anthropology deposit of Mykonos, however during a totally different context. we wish to check Greek and Roman jewellery through time “noted the Italian archeologist stating that in Mykonos the jewellery exhibited was from the 2d millennium before Christ to this day.

Pompeii and Delos come closer together

‟We conjointly would like to convey this ‘timeless’ dimension of knickknack, and this can be attainable since the history of Pompeii begins round the seventh c. BC. an extra necessary component rising from this collaboration is comparison 2 regions of the Mediterranean, through that one will notice several similarities between the Aegean and therefore the Tyrrhenian seas” he same.

He failed to omit to say what attracted him from the beginning within the “Vanity” exhibition: “There were 2 things. One was the layout, i.e. however one will exhibit of these artefacts during a deposit. The show cases and therefore the layout’s design normally was terribly interesting; the total project was terribly fashionable and stylish. We wanted, therefore, to gift this a part of the exhibition during this fashionable manner as if it were a presentation by Bulgari as an example. Naturally on behalf of me as associate degree archeologist it had been significantly fascinating to check all those artefacts in associate degree exhibition covering a amount from the 2d millennium before Christ up to the first millennium AD. it’s a wonderful manner of narrating history and therefore the evolution of knickknack through time”.

Collaborating on Delos

Regarding his collaboration with the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades on Delos, Mr. Osanna said: “It is extremely important as a result of Balkan state and Italy have a similar issues in conservation and restoration, a similar analysis approach and interpretation of the past. Consequently, it had been important for Mr. Athanasoulis and Pine Tree State that Balkan state and Italy square measure collaborating on programmes preserving cultural heritage”. Why square measure you starting with Delos? “Because it desires a awfully huge conservation programme, just like the one we have a tendency to square measure following in Pompeii, because of European funding. it’s a large programme that we have a tendency to began last year and that is really revolutionary for Pompeii” he stressed.

Pompeii and Delos come closer togetherThe two archaeologists named the innovative dimension of this programme. “Pompeii was {in a|during a|in an exceedingly|in a terribly} very unhealthy state and it had been determined to implement an in depth programme of renovation with an outsized budget that approaches the anthropology web site holistically. The equivalent is additionally being planned for Delos, i.e. we have a tendency to square measure approaching the sweetening of the anthropology web site holistically; each as a sanctuary and a town. From then on we have a tendency to shall create a strategic set up and counting on the funding can implement components of it, that however|nonetheless|notwithstanding} can already be additional complete and our intervention not so fragmentary”, said Mr. Athanasoulis.

For his half Mr. Osanna recognized once chatting with the AMNA that “In Pompeii we have a tendency to approach {the town|the town|town} as a city. I.e. the programme we have a tendency to follow doesn’t concern one house or a section of it, however the whole town. this suggests conserving everything, creating everything intelligible, gap all the streets and homes that were shut and especially not losing any anthropology material like wall paintings as an example. during this context, Greek and French colleagues recently came to Pompeii to review our huge programme of conservation and restoration”.


Pompeii and Delos come back nearer along
Artist’s impression of Ancient Delos at its height showing the Sacred Harbour (foreground) with Sanctuary simply higher than.
Also shown are: the Sacred Lake shut aboard the Agora of the Italians; the stadium (above the Sacred Lake)
and on the far side that the Stadium; Sanctuary of the Syrian and Sanctuary of the Egyptian Gods(top right);
and the structure (middle right). The city’s in depth residential areas are represented
[Credit: Francesco Comi, 1995]
Regarding Delos, Mr. Osanna superimposed that a note has already been signed ‟of collaboration between the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades and therefore the Pompeii anthropology Park thus on share experience on problems with conservation. during this context and given the impossibility of implementing such a programme while not necessary analysis preceding it each in Italy and therefore the Cyclades, we have a tendency to square measure organizing joint analysis programmes, like a survey on the island of Reneia opposite Delos, that may be a extraordinary anthropology web site that has not but been researched consistently. Next we have a tendency to shall move with a restoration programme. as an example, we have a tendency to square measure thinking of starting the restoration of the House of Masks on Delos next October” same the Italian archeologist to the AMNA, stressing that it’s {a terribly|a really|a awfully} fascinating collaboration ‟because in antiquity the ties between Italy and Delos were very robust. Delos was the foremost necessary port of the Mediterranean within the 2d c. before Christ and plenty of folks from Campania, port and Pompeii came here principally for reasons of trade”.

Regarding the raising of cash for the programme, Mr. Athanasoulis proclaimed to the AMNA that it’ll be tried out through crowdfunding, whereas finding out sponsors in Balkan state and abroad, conjointly with the assistance of the French college. ‟To my mind the nice profit comes from the collaboration between specialist scientists, archaeologists, architects and conservators of each services as a result of either side can acquire expertise and expertise” explained the Greek conservator of Antiquities. “We don’t simply wish European cash however European collaboration further. we have a tendency to believe heaps during this approach”, added Mr. Osanna touching on the partnership between Balkan state, Italy and France.

Pompeii and Balkan state

What will we recognize but regarding Pompeii, associate degree anthropology web site with a part of sixty six hectares of that forty four are excavated? Is it maybe a Greek colony, as has been recommended by several within the past?

Pompeii and Delos come closer together“The origins of Pompeii are mentioned at length since the nineteenth century. There square measure students UN agency say it had been associate degree Italian town, others that it had been Greek and a few Etruscan. throughout analysis this last year, wonderful information was situated connected to its beginning associate degreed currently it’s my opinion that Pompeii was an Etruscan town. it’s but important that Pompeii of the seventh and sixth c. before Christ was associate degree open community which those that supported it had terribly robust cultural ties with Balkan state. we’ve got rhetorical traces within the design of the buildings that show this link between Etruscan families of Pompeii and Greek architects and craftsmen UN agency came from Italy’s Greek colonies”, said Mr. Osanna to the AMNA.

As to the excavations of the town, he himself noted that “Pompeii was discovered within the mid-18th century and excavations are conducted since then to this day. This last year we’ve got begun new analysis whereas at the same time winding up the conservation programme. Moreover, for the primary time we have a tendency to square measure during a position of getting reliable documentation of Pompeii’s excavations, i.e. to grasp the precise spot every artefact was found. The excavations of the last century, within the Nineteen Sixties as an example, had not been fine documented. currently things is entirely different”, he processed.

Pompeii and Delos come closer together

Pompeii and Delos come back nearer along
An extensive restoration programme with an outsized budget is being enforced at Pompeii that approaches
the anthropology web site holistically [Credit: AMNA, Massimo Osanna]
He explains what has affected him most within the recent research: “We excavate streets with homes on either aspect of them. this suggests we’ve got found article of furniture, vases and wall paintings during a extraordinary state of preservation. we discover all artefacts in their correct place within the rooms and this can be terribly important. Because, as I told you, the anthropology context is missing from several objects already excavated within the nineteenth century and exhibited these days within the deposit of city. we have a tendency to don’t recognize wherever they were found. it’s important this context ought to exist which we must always “read” it properly if we have a tendency to would like to grasp the traditional society.It is thus a excellent chance to own this extraordinary documentation and reconstruction of the whole anthropology context for the primary time,” he ended in his refer to the AMNA.

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