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Scientists have determined that the 7 discovered planets in the newly discovered TRAPPIST-1 star system are in rock formations and that some have more water than Earth.

Scientists led by astronomer Simon Grimm of Bern University in Switzerland conducted a detailed study of the masses and compositions of the other planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system, first discovered in 2016, according to a report on the ‘Space.com’ website.Scientists studying “transition time variations” (TTV) that are observable between a star in the orbit of planets and the Earth revealed that the masses of 7 planets were composed of massive rocks and some of the masses of planets contained up to 5 percent water 250 times more than Earth.

Three of the planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system at 40 light-years across the globe were first discovered by the Planetary and Planetary Small Telescope (TRAPPIST) under the Transition of the European Southern Observatory. The following year, the American Aviation and Space Agency (NASA) announced that there were a total of seven planets in the system, all of which were in the habitable part of the star’s life that would allow it to emerge.

Planets with water, discovered 250 times more than Earth's water, were discovered. - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://sattvnews24.com


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