Designed to determine the movements and positions of the celestial bodies, the ESA’s Gaia army began in 2013. Over the past four years, Gaia has examined the stars, planets, asteroids, quasars, and other bodies of satellites to obtain the most comprehensive three-dimensional space catalog produced up to now.

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The two white dwarfs who are eye-to-eye and the gravitational waves (CfA) they hold.

The second version of the Gaia data, announced on April 25, 2018, brought with it an impressive discovery. He determined the number of white dwarfs in the neighboring region from sun to 326 light years away as 13.928.

Study from the University of Oklahoma. Mükremin was carried out by a team of Kılıç.

In general, stars with masses up to eight solar masses end their lives by turning into white dwarves. The star that consumes hydrogen reaches several times the size (Red giant stage). These stars are then turned into white dwarves by swirling their outer layers (supernova) and collapsing with the remaining mass.

Number Of Neighbors White Dwarf: 14000 - image on

Sirius and his wife white official image (NASA, ESA and G. Bacon (STScI)).

By studying these objects, astronomers can learn about the life cycles of stars and how they have changed.

“When we look at the nearby white dwarf, we are actually doing galactic archeology. The galactic diskin and the age of the halon hides the date of formation of the stars. More importantly, a white dwarf pops up as a Type Ia supernova when it reaches 1.4 times the mass of its present mass. We use these supernovae to understand the shape of the universe and to determine the rate of expansion. One of the factors that make up the Type Ia supernova is white dwarf associations. For this reason, the identification of a pair of white dwarves is important in terms of our understanding of how often this event has taken place, “says Kılıç.

Observations up until recently discovered only a few hundred white dwarfs in our galactic neighborhood (about 500 in 130 light years). Moreover, they could only measure the distance of half of them. Gaia and the number of white dwarfs increased.

“With Gaia, we could also count the distance. Now we can tell how many white dwarfs it is in a given volume. Before Gaia we knew only 100 white dwarfs in 32 light years. With Gaia’s 2nd data version, we found more than 13 white dwarfs in 326 light years. The difference is incredible! “Says the sword.

The understanding of the nature of the white dwarf can be facilitated by Gaia data. In previous investigations, it was known that the majority of white dwarfs (about 56%) in our study were the result of a single star, while the amount of 7 to 23% was associated with the association of two white cells. The rest was either a white dwarf pair or a pair of white dwarves attached to the main star.

Number Of Neighbors White Dwarf: 14000 - image on

Representative figure of the CSS 41177 white dwarf pair hanging around each other (Andrew Taylor.)

The team also determined its masses by looking at the color and brightness of the white dwarfs, located 326 light-years away from the Sun. So they had information about how they happened. Accordingly, it was revealed that the number of white dwarfs resulting from the merger was much higher than the others.

The data were then placed on the famous Hertzsprung-Russell diagram . In this way, other astronomy studies could benefit from the data.

“By looking at the frequency of white dwarf formed through unification, we can generalize how many white cells join together and what mass they have. We can then determine the number of Type Ia supernovae to determine whether the information available at the time of explaining some or all of these bursts is sufficient. I’m sure we will reach this end soon, “says Sword.

These results were achieved with the third version of Gaia data. The last and third version of the data will be posted until 2020 and will be announced in 2020.

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