A galaxy with little dark matter was discovered. The discovery was carried out primarily with Hubble, given by Gemini and Keck telescopes. NGC 1052-DF2 seems to have forced the models to explain the formation of the galaxies with the existing theories, since the dark matter is little in the sky. In addition, it turns out that a different perspective is needed for the dark matter.

No Darkness Found In The Galaxy - image on https://sattvnews24.com

The NGC 1052-DF2 galaxy is 65 million light years away (NASA, ESA, and P. van Dokkum (Universe)).

Using Hubble and various telescopes centered on the ground, astronomers have discovered an extraordinary object: a galaxy with almost no dark matter. The NGC 1052-DF2 galaxy, 65 million light years away, is larger than the Milky Way and contains 250 times more stars. The galaxy was taken to the ultra-dispersed class.

The galaxy mass was determined by the dynamic characteristics of the spherical cone surrounding the galaxy. This mass was compared with the mass of the stars in the center. According to this, the result is that the galaxy contains at least 400 times less dark matter (or none at all). Such a situation is incompatible with the theories that explain both dark matter and galaxy occurrences.

No Darkness Found In The Galaxy - image on https://sattvnews24.com

Image of zone produced with digitized Sky Scanner-2 (ESA / Hubble, NASA, Digitized Sky Survey 2).

Allison Merritt of Yale University: “The dark matter is thought to be an integral part of the crown. This item is defined as the most important element that prevents the collapse of the sky and has an effect on the evolution of the sky. This means that one of the indispensable pieces of a sky is dark matter. However, this is not the case in this school. We are opposed to our current knowledge, “he says.

“We do not have a theory that predicts such a girl. So we do not know how they are formed without dark matter. “

This discovery also shows that the dark matter can somehow be separated from the galaxies. The researchers think NGC 2015-DF2 could explain the lack of dark matter. Could sudden and energetic events such as numerous star births have cleared all of the chain gas, plus the dark matter? Or is this the reason for the growth of NGC 1052 near NGC 1052-DF2?

But none of them explain how the sky is formed. The team has now slumped arms to discover other dark matter poor skins. It was observed that three of the 23 targets on the target resembled NGC 1052-DF2.

No Darkness Found In The Galaxy - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on https://sattvnews24.com


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