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Archaeologists discovered the oldest, 7,000-year-old settlement of Nile Delta in Egypt. The settlement is dated to the Neolithic age.

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7,000 years old village discovered in Egypt. A: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

The Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced the discovery of a Neolithic village in the Tell al-Samara district of the Dakahlia governorate north of Cairo.

A research team of scientists from Egypt and France, in addition to pottery and stone tools, spotted a few storage silos of organic materials (such as animal bones and plant remains).

These findings showed that the village existed around 5000 BC. In other words, it was founded about 2.500 years ago when the Great Gize Piramidi, one of the most important structures of Ancient Egypt, began construction.

Frederik Geo, a research leader, said in the press statement, “The excavations in the Sahara continue since 2015. This discovery will allow the experts to learn more about the communities living in the Delta thousands of years ago from the First Dynasty (the period when North and South were united by King Mina). “

Archaeologists will continue digging this village settlement next season and hope that the analysis of organic material found will shed light on the origins of early farming and agriculture in Egypt.

About a few months ago, the large black granite sarcophagus in Alexandria, Egypt, attracted great interest worldwide.

Egypt has been struggling with instability since the Arab Spring 2011 and is making great efforts to improve the tourism industry, which once contributed more than 11% of the income of the country. However, as part of its cultural heritage, the country aims to raise the number of its visitors once again with the opening of the Great Egyptian Museum, which is expected to be a long time this year.

The construction of the 5.2 million square meter building caused more than $ 1 billion in financials and will be the largest structure dedicated to a single civilization in the world.

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