Moana trailer says a lot about the storyline

Have you watched the Moana trailer? Well, it does grab the eyeballs, isn’t it? After all, any animated movie from the Walt Disney is very special and extraordinary from so many aspects. Whether, you want the best cinematography, storyline and the whole animation as a whole, you will be impressed. From the Moana trailer, itself, it is clear that this is an excellent movie.

This is a 3D animated film

Moana trailer clearly makes it clear that it is a musical fantasy adventure 3D animated movie has received positive feedbacks and has earned over $97 million across the globe. It is a Walt Disney Movie, and like others, Moana has also highlighted the best animated graphics, voice cast along with the humor that makes it the perfect funny family movie.

Moana is the central character of the animated movie

The movie revolves around the daughter of the Polysean chief tribe, named Moana. She has been chosen by the ocean to save her people and land. Thus, she makes a journey to cross the ocean in order to meet the demi-god, who has been portrayed as a funny and reluctant character. Moana is the main or the protagonist character and the story revolves around her life. This is quite clear from the Moana trailer.

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