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Located in the Mayan city of Copan in Honduras, new evidence, Mesoamericans the symbolic and ceremonial routinely wild animals caught and for trade purposes. The ancient Mesoamerican cultures, as a symbolic indicator of status and power as the ritual sacrifice and applied arts for many purposes, including handle puma and jaguar-like wild animals.

The use of wild animals in ancient Mesoamerican evidence, the Teotihuacan culture of Central Mexico today (MS 1 – 550).Archaeological findings in animal management strategy of domestic Mezoamerikalıların, traditionally less substantial.

This is because, during the 1500s Europe compared to the devastating impact of the livestock brought from the new world is due to lack of large domesticated in av. In this study, a team situated in the Mayan city of Copan in Honduras (MS 426-822) five ritüellistik in the archaeological samples of wild animals have been examined.

Teams, to determine the geographic origin of the diet of the animals and deer, owl, spoon fish and crocodile together puma, jaguar and other unidentified felines on the bones and teeth of stable isotope analyses.

PUMA and jaguar being tested, including some feline examples, although the indicators of reproduction in captivity, anthropogenic (human-induced) diet had high levels of C4 that points to the intake.Oxygen isotope levels in samples of deer and feline, some animals and animal products are used in applications of the ritual (leather, cattle and horse hide, etc.) were brought from remote areas of the Valley of Copan.

These findings, Mesoamerican cultures for ritual purposes wild animals kept in captivity and animal trade networks between old Mesoamerican previously thought is much wider discovered Prev research confirms.

Lead author of the research Voilet Sugiyama summed up: “the Maya city Copan jaguar and puma bones, the dynamic environment of ritualized carnivorous Mesoamerika, the Shawshank Redemption and evidenced by large trade networks.”

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