In ancient Egypt, the liquid formula used during mummification was resolved. It was determined what the contents of the liquid used during the mummification in the data light obtained as a result of the research on the mummy at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy.

3 mummies came out of the black sarcophagus found in Egypt

An archaeologist from York University speaking to the BBC. Stephen Buckley explained that the research started with the investigation of the liquid used in the mummification. Buckley, along with other scientists in the study, underlined that they had studied all chemical fingerprints of this fluid.Dr. “There has never been a mummy that has chemically demonstrated the origins of the mummification process so well known to everyone,” Buckley said.

The liquid used in the mummification is a plant oil, which is presumed to be sesame, a plant of the balsam type, a plant of acacia, and a kind of resin, which is supposed to have been obtained from the roots of gum and conifer. When all these ingredients are mixed in oil, they prevent the body from decaying with its anti-bacterial properties in the resin.


Dr.Buckley “We picked up pieces from ancient Egyptian textiles that were used to wrap candles a few years ago and chemically examined them, and then we found that the fabrics at the Bolton Museum in England were dating back to 4,000 BC”.

The archaeologist at York University had a widespread belief that the mummification of Keum Piramidi occurred in 2600 BC. However, he said that with the findings in our possession, they found that the mummification had started much earlier.

Archaeologists who have begun to work on the mummies from the prehistoric history at the Egyptian Museum in Turin, Italy, have reached important figures after the findings.

Dr.Buckley said: “This date, which has not undergone any conservative treatment since its inception, provided the mummy with an important opportunity to understand ancient Egyptian chemistry as it was not exposed to chemical pollution.”

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