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The coins found in the excavations, Jerusalem Sin mountain MS.70 the Romans in by was demolished and shortly before, making MS.dates to the 1960s.

Commenting on the Archaeologist Shimon Gibson as the marker to unusual; “Because it was the first time a scientific excavation in Jerusalem found that this type of coin.Such coins are usually private collections, and we have no idea about their context.

” Coin MS.1. the remains of a rich villa dated to the 18th century.Gibson, “finds include a large townhouse very well preserved rooms, a Holy Man was a solid ceiling (Mikveh) and pool bath.” many of the large mansion, discovered in 2013 the Murex sea snail shell.These snails, MS 1 century, was used in the construction of the purple dye, which is very expensive.

That’s why researchers, Jewish priest of the class during this period is associated with the construction industry to paint.This rich structures in Rome MS 70 invasion may have been destroyed.

Gold coins can be dropped from the Roman soldier. Gibson; “This is a very valuable personal items and thrown like garbage or intentional has been reduced I don’t think,” he said.

Coins front of the 54 – 68 he directed from Rome is a portrait of Emperor Nero, and “NERO CAESAR AVG IMP.”Coins on the back is oak çelenki.The back also, “EX S C PONTIF” and “MAX EN P III.”These inscriptions on the coins of MS. 56, or MS.57.

I found a gold coin Depicting Emperor Nero in Jerusalem - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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