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It is known for a long time that birds and dinosaurs are closely related. However, many questions still remain today regarding how they relate and how they evolve from one to the other.

In particular, the skull of the skull passed through a period of dramatic change during dinosaurs evolution from birds to birds. Scientists keep track of how it is in a study of Nature and Ecology.

Bhart-Anjan Singh Bhullar, a Yale University writer, says, “In the face of dinosaur-bird transitions, the skull has been transformed enormously and the brain has grown.”

Bhullar, “We have found that the underlying parts of the brain-the head brain and the midbrain-are related to the development of the upper and lateral skull bones or to some degree. We are surprised that no one directly addressed this idea. “

Changes in the skull were carefully mapped along with major changes in the brains. More changes in brain than in other parts of the brain stem from difficulties in evolutionary process changes.

Bhullar expressed that they found an open relationship between the anterior skull bone and the forebrain, the side-headed bone and the midbrain.

Researchers suggest that this relationship between bone and brain regions goes beyond dinosaurs and birds. In all species they say that their skulls can affect the size and shape of their brains.

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How did the dinosaur skulls turn into bird skulls? C: Yale University

Bhullar: ” This means: The brain produces molecular signals that direct scaffolding to shape itself, even if we understand relatively little about the exact nature of this model. ”

Bhullar: ” In conclusion, one of the important messages there is that it is simpler and more elegant than it looks at evolution. The seemingly completely different changes – such as the brain and skull – can actually have a common development due to an underlying cause. “

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