Archaeologists discovered a child’s skeleton, between the ages of seven and eight, between Pompeii ruins, the first such exploration after many years.

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Photo: Pompeii Archaeological Park

The child, who was seven or eight years old when he was dead, was in the city’s central bath and thinks that the researcher’s child is hiding here as a refuge while escaping the explosion of Vesuvius.

The structure protected the ashes of the city from the ashes and lava that had fallen on the city, but the refugees were drowned in toxic gas after a while and eventually buried in the remains of hot gas and volcanic material that leaked through the windows.

The discovery was extremely surprising because it was thought that the excavations at the central baths were completed long ago.

Experts were preparing to clean the entrance to the bath while scanning with a vidyoscope, which is a kind of surveillance camera that provides access to hidden or inaccessible locations. When something unusual was noticed, experts began digging a small skull and other bones just under 10 cm from the surface.

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Photo: Pompeii Archaeological Park

For the first time since 20 years in Pompeii, a complete skeleton has been discovered and the remains of a child for the first time since about half a century come to light.

In a statement, Massimo Osanna, the general director of the archaeological site, says it is “an exceptional discovery that arouses strong emotions.”

It was reported that the skeleton was taken to the research laboratory where it would be subject to review to get more clues as to who the child was, how he lived and how he died.

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In the baths in the center of Pompeii there was a child’s skeleton: Photo: Pompeii Archaeological Park

Osanna says that an interdisciplinary team of experts equipped with state-of-the-art equipment is working without stopping “to be able to recreate as much as possible the new piece of history that the excavations have returned to us, leaving no element of chance to chance”.

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