The East-West geographical definition is the virtual reality of the North and West countries as developed and the East-South countries as poor as the virtual two concepts that they draw when they draw the map of the world with eastern and western approaches and Europe and the USA, the  northern countries have always been rich, and the southern countries  have always been poor , depending on the climatic conditions of the country’s geographical borders … The London-based   The Legatum Institute’s ranking of statistics based on the countries’ 2016 Global Welfare Index confirms these findings.

The book that emphasizes Goethe’s positive effects on east and west in the cultural and intellectual aspects of the distinction between East and West in the East and West and the positive effects of East and West on culture in the West is followed by the writings of the book  ‘ East-West Divan ‘ followed by the ‘clash of civilizations’ in which Samuel Huntington articles between east and west economic, military, political and cultural differences engendered separations, mainly AmAyAnlA provide the scientific developments which contribute to r  understood as the difference between.   

Goethe and his right to nature have been handed over in this book, beginning with the Sumerians, to Akkad, to Babylon and Assyria, and then to the emergence of Islam along with the emergence of Islam, to the Arabs, and works by poet Lukretius,  or  Titus Lucretius Carus  ( BC 99 – BC ) , which are  inspirations to many such as Shakespeare, Machiavelli, Thomas More, Montaigne, Einstein, Thomas Jefferson, Leonardo Da Vinci,  55). According to this view Francis Bacon, the father of the scientific method that pioneered the beginning of renonence, has been the forerunners of scientific development by learning the ideas of ancient philosophers inspired by Lucretius with poems written by Lucretius.


It includes the philosophy of establishing states based on Garp and Orientalism traditions, cultural differences and social life in the 1200th century, which is the period of transition from the geographical point of view and called ‘translations of the ages  . Today, despite having inspired literally  ‘eastern’  word was perceived as equivalent to the problem word Huntington ‘s approach, its present name  Il is the ancient  Eritra of Herodotus from the shores queen kidnapped by the Phoenicians expression of Persia  Ion’  s Crete on a bull at an ‘e kidnapped Phoenicians Asian If the princess  Europa  is not taken into account, the first serious admission to east-west  It is certainly true that such a war was invented in order to obtainnew‘colonies’  to reach the east, the greatest reason that started the  Trojan War . However, it is not known that he is a woman or a man who is still alive and living. Homer ‘s Iliad, who is still unknown, tells the prince Paris, who is the son of Priamos, King of Troy, to be kidnapped by the beautifully missed Helen, to be understood as a strategic advantage of mythology .


Geographically and mentally speaking, the so-called ‘Oriental problem’ , which is carried on a so-called day-to-day basis, is based on western definitions covering the period ending with the First World War at the end of the process beginning with the acquisition of Istanbul in 1453. This definition is based on oritealism or orientalism and the long history of the archaeological side is referred to as the Near East by the fertile crescent or western discourse in the Assyrian Trade Colonies Age (ATKÇ)  Kültepe / Kaniş ‘   they come to trade as a result of the debt they leave. marriage, divorce, such as clay tablets can understand the solution. (1950) The Anatolian cities first met with this writing in this period as a result of this trade, while the western communities of this region took the writing of the  Phoenicians from  the present day Lebanese coasts exactly 950 years after ATKÇ (1000 BC) they could form cultures ranging from the alphabet to the alphabet. The writing, however, was used by the Sumerians in the years of the 3rd millennium BC. Hippodamos (BC 5th century BC), as an example of a cosmos, said that the grilled city plan, which he had learned from Persians, should also be applied to the inhabitants of the city, suggesting that cities should be  built by craftsmen, farmers  and  warriorshe began to build hierarchically according to a plan he would have.

Inspired by the philosopher and philosopher Lucretius, the formation of the culture, the formation of the cultural structure and the present development process of the West, according to the West, has always been the anticipation of not being discovered since antiquity and early ages, and sometimes as a manifestation of difference   It will continue as a symphony that will not end in the form of. 

Edward W. Said, a Christian literary professor born in Palestine, whose name is the present day Phoenician Phoenician in the Antiquity, where Europa was abducted , described Orientalism as a fictional invention of Orientalism inhis work ‘Orientalism’ and said that  ‘the Orient is almost a European invention, , exotic beings, unforgettable memories and landscapes are places of worthy experiences’ . 

“It’s a European machine, an Asian spirit.” Almost all differences of opinion and all disputes arise from our relative weaknesses. There are no Oriental (East) and Garp (West) with its absolute beauty; the absolute meaning of the individual community is not as culture, civilization race nation (!). However, there are two Oriental and Garp worlds in which the two relative spheres pointing at a gradual degree of concentration, at which point the Orient and the Wright will completely deny it. Asia is as compared to Europe; Europe is compared to America; America compared to Europe, Garptor compared to Europe, Garptor. As it is, it is imperative that in the Americas of Europe of America there is a degree of parallels between the East and the Gharba; there are also Orient and Garp in these three scarce moments; so that it is possible to notice two spiritual worlds moving from physics to spiritual.

(B.Ayvazoğlu, Peyami Safa between East and West) , and as a writer inspired by Peyami Safa in ours, the roots of rope and oriental distinctions, which are the subject of the major novels of Rabindranath Tagore, Ps., Are based on the archeological evidence explained above .



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