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The temple was located in the Teopanzolco pyramid in the state of Morelos, 70 km south of Mexico City.

It is believed that the Temple belongs to Tlahuica, one of the Aztec peoples, who lived in Central Mexico in 1150 AD.

Also this temple is devoted to Aztec rain god Tláloc.

Archaeologists say that the temple is 6 to 4 meters in size. Among the remains of the temple were an incense vessel and ceramic fragments.

The discovery arose on a radar scan by the Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) that scientists used to check for structural damage to the Teopanzolco pyramid in Cuernavaca.

Ancient Temple Discovered Through Mexico City Earthquake - image depr2 on

The discovery was made in Teopanzolco Piramidi in Cuernavaca. C: AFP

Archaeologist Barbara Koniecza says she suffered great damage to Teopanzolco, especially the two temples in the magnitude 7.1, which shook Mexico in September.

Koniecza says, “The pyramid was subjected to a significant displacement of its core.”

The study shows that people of Tlahuica culture live in dozens of small city states in today’s Morelos province.

The main structures on the archaeological site of Teopanzolco are believed to extend to the 13th century, which means that the newly discovered temple dates back to them.

Koniecza says that it is not unusual for Tlahuica to be built on old buildings.

Ancient Temple Discovered Through Mexico City Earthquake - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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