It is stated that the 18 thousand bones in the United States belong to the flying dinosaur tuna estimated to have lived 200 million years ago.


Scientists have discovered a new type of flying dinosaur (pterosaur), which is said to belong 200 million years ago in the United States.According to the BBC, Brooks Britt, professor of geological sciences at Brigham Young University (BYU), reported that they found bones during research and that they belonged 200 million years ago.

Britt, who stated that they found 18,000 bones in the field of exploration and that flying dinosaurs belong to a species, emphasized that they gave the new species the name “holy wind”.

Pterosaur species are said to be the first flying creatures to live in the world.


7-million-year-old dinosaur muzzle emerged from the house

Scientists say it is very rare to see the remains of flying dinosaurs today.Pterosaurs are known as flying reptiles, whose name is not only the first vertebrate to fly, but also the name of the earth, which has been in existence for over 150 million years.

Pterosaurs can reach up to 12 meters in width from their forefoot wings.

A new type of flying dinosaur has been discovered in the US - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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