Cristiana Serejo reported that some of the pieces in a separate building managed to survive, including the famous Bendegó meteorite and a library of 500,000 books (including studies dating to the Portuguese Empire).

Serejo says that it is not possible to say how much of the collection can get rid of the flames, but perhaps the survivors are 10%, maybe 15%.

According to Serejo, the Egyptian collection has completely disappeared. Researchers who were able to get into an area of ​​the museum in Rio de Janeiro started cataloging which works were left behind and called on people to give their works.

Serejo responded by shaking his head in the form of no to inquire whether the museum was insured or not; “I hope to draw lessons from this. Other public buildings are in the same situation. “

New Archaeological Discoveries

A firefighter who does not want to give his name says that despite the two days after the fire that caused a great trauma to Brazil, the smoke still rises and small fires continue in some parts of the building: “Wooden materials are still burning and we continue to hold water.”

90% of the works in the Burning Crusade in Brazil are gone - image brez1-1 on

The National Museum was the oldest museum in Brazil. A: Reuters

In fact, the scale of demolition is quite clear: the outer walls of the museum are still standing, and the sculptures in the Quinta da Boa Vista park can be seen very little, but there is nothing but rubble in the museum.

On Tuesday, firemen surveyed the wreckage found some bones and parts of a skull. These bones are thought to belong to a 12,000-year-old skeleton known as “Luzia”, ​​one of the museum’s most famous works.

Fernanda Guedes, “Of course we want these bones to belong to Luzia, but we can not confirm it. There were dozens of other skeletons in the biological anthropology section where these bones were found, “he says.

Some porcelains and paintings were also recovered from the debris.

Felipe da Silva, a 29-year-old security officer who found a burnt page of a book near the museum, was also thrilled. According to the photographs taken by the journalists, this page referred to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic populations in Turkmenistan in English.

Da Silva said, “It was inexplicable to be able to surrender something that remained intact in this destruction.”

On Monday, federal prosecutors said they were demanding a police investigation into the cause of the fire. The prosecutors said they held a meeting with fire chiefs and the government’s Institute for Historical and National Artistic Heritage in June 2017 to create fire fighting standards.

“Unfortunately, federal agencies have not issued standards even after a year.”

90% of the works in the Burning Crusade in Brazil are gone - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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