Australian scientists have disclosed that a 9-meter giant dogfish lived 25 million years ago on a beach in Victoria.

White shark

According to a report in Australia’s national radio and television network SBS, 45 females in the Surf Coast region of Victoria State by Philip Mullaly, an amateur fossil hunter and teacher, were killed by a giant 9-meter dog It is stated that it belongs to the fish.“I was walking on the beach and looking for fossils, when I looked around, I saw a glistening glimpse of a rock and four of my fingers were out there. I was excited, it was a great thing, I knew it was an important discovery I had to share with people, “he said.

Mullaly said she was surprised by the fact that her teeth were unspoiled and she used expressions like “Very sharp, even though she was 25 million years old, it was like she had just fallen in the mouth of a dogfish.”


Dogfish caught in Marmara

Victoria Corner Manager Erich Fitzgerald explained that they found a piece of the back spine of the giant herring with 45 teeth in the excavations they performed with the fossil field.Fitzgerald recalled that the reconnaissance made is very important, “the tooth set of this species has been found for the first time among the 160 years of fossils in Australia, and there are only 3 in the whole world,” he said.

Called the ‘Great Narrow Girdle’, it is estimated to be one of the biggest riddles living 25 million years ago eating whales.

The teeth will be exhibited at the Melbourne Museum.

25 million year old giant dog females were found in Australia - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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