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All the gold coins were found in amphora, a kind of storage warehouse the Romans used to transport liquids such as wine and olive oil.

After finding the coinage of the construction crew in the cinema, an archaeologist from the ministry came out of the coinage and took a laboratory in Milan. Now the coins are in the review and protection process here.

Previously in such a collective, coins were found in many parts of the ancient Mediterranean, including a treasure of 1,500 years in ancient Corinth. However, there are rare cases where gold coins are found in abundance, and the ministry describes the discovery as “extraordinary” in one of its explanations.

This discovery leaves archaeologists with many mysteries. For example, when exactly were the coins buried here, who buried them? Why was he left there and why did not nobody go back to pick him up?

1500 Year Old Gold Coins Found in an Old Cinema in Italy - image on

Gold coins were found during construction activities in an abandoned cinema in Italy. C: Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

The collapse of an empire

Historical records show that some parts of the Roman Empire were destroyed about 1,500 years ago and that many wars were being done in Italy.

The Roman Empire was divided into two in the fifth century AD. During this period, the West Roman Empire (including Italy) was collapsing as the East Roman Empire, centered on Constantinople (today’s Istanbul), developed from one side.

1500 Year Old Gold Coins Found in an Old Cinema in Italy - image sinema3 on

Found gold coins are dated to a period when a part of the Roman Empire was destroyed. C: Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities

New Archaeological Discoveries

Rome was looted by a group called Goths in AD 410 and by a group called Vandals in AD 455. In 476 AD, the Western Roman Empire eventually came to an end when the last emperor was terminated by a man named Romulus Augustulus.

The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine Empire) took over the majority of Italy during a series of military campaigns during the First Justinian administration. But Justinianus did not have the heirs, and a group called Lombards slowly took over Italy in 565 after the death of Justinian. In addition, the ancient world was shaken by the plague, which began in 541 and killed millions of people.

It is unclear whether the burial of coyotes was an interest in chaos that embraced the Roman Empire some 1,500 years ago. However, current research can answer this question.

1500 Year Old Gold Coins Found in an Old Cinema in Italy - image pinit_fg_en_rect_red_28 on


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